Sydney Herzberg



My head was always out the window! I loved learning in school, but I was lost in the clouds most days, wanting to be reading, creating or imagining. I was very creative growing up and decided to focus my schooling on art.

I enjoyed my experience in school where I immersed myself in three hour sculpture and design classes. College was my playground. Free-spirit, yes that’s me! However, I am also realistic. I knew I would never leave college as a working artist. I jumped around from job to job never really finding a passion or anything that held my interest for long. A friend suggested teaching; reminding me of my easy-going nature (true) and my talent for relating to kids (also true). I gave it a try and LOVED it! I enthusiastically jumped in the education ring with two feet firmly planted in and have been learning, and changing and loving it ever since!

So much has changed for me as an educator since I began teaching 15 years ago. My values as a teacher, what I find important to teach, what it means to be a teacher today! It’s different now and I see it. I love change and innovation. I am up late at night reading or writing or thinking about education and I am up early doing the same thing. My passion is especially tunneled in creating engaging STEM curriculum and integrating it into reading and writing currently.

Stats about Ms. H

Hometown: Redmond, WA

Education: University of Washington, B.A.Pacific Oaks University, M.A.

Years Taught: 15

Grades Taught: 5, 4, 3, General Ed
P.E. Grades K-2
Middle School Reading


My two boys, 8 and 10 years old


My dog, Jazz