March 20 newsletter 2.0


Super Fun Energy Lab

By Advay, George, Arna, and Jeremiah

I am here to discuss something very important…..what is Ms. Herzberg doing? Well you will have to read this paragraph to find out! Ms. Herzberg is using very special glasses to slow down light and make it look very colorful in different ways. You should have been there, it was cool! It looked so cool with glasses on, we never wanted to stop by we had to. J Don’t you think that it would be cool. Hope you get used to them someday.


Lights are Crazily Aewsome

By: Niyati, Ana, Ben and Harish

This is what we have been learning this week. We had an Energy Lab! We slowed light down and made it look colorful. When we put on certain glasses, the lights looked like spikes, snowflakes, blurry prints. Lights are amazing when you see them through special glasses!!!


Read Aloud Rocks!

By: Arjun, Connor, Sizhe, Holden

Have you ever wondered what we are reading? We are reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH! The story is about a family of field mice. There is a mother with a lot of children and a father that died. That is what we are reading in read aloud these days!


Cool Diversity Pictures

By harper, Rosie, Jacob, and Shriyan

Look at these pictures. Drawing diversity is people from all over the world. There’s all kinds of people. We did these in art with Mrs. Pam, who is like the, best art teacher ever. I really hope you now go home and make your own diversity art!!!


What’s wrong with those glasses?

By:J.B, Varun,Parth,Gavin

Have you ever ever wondered how light ever looks in real life? Maybe you think it’s all just yellow or white strands of glowing objects. Well no, you’re just wrong. You’re wrong because it’s not like it looks exactly like rainbow colors! Light can go through things. The thing these glasses do is slowing light. When you slow down light, you can see the light spectrum. Light is something that gives food for plants and grows plants. Light can go through things especially glass. Well I hoped you liked this paragraph so this is the end! Why you are still here, flee peasant oh whatever!


What’s happening here?

George and Gavin demonstrating an electrical circuit during the energy lab.